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Support orphans in Africa with every hotel reservation! participates in a unique charity program: For each reservation conducted on our homepage, we will donate 1% of the total booking value to OrphanAid Africa. This nonprofit association based in San Francisco supports vulnerable children in Ghana.

Does this mean you will pay more for your hotel rooms at

Not at all! In spite of this donation, guarantees the lowest rates on all reservations! This means you will find the same or cheaper prices on our site as you would on the other hotel booking site. The 1% donation to OrphanAid Africa will only reduce our profit margin; it will not impact what you pay in any way! is currently the only hotel booking site that directly links each reservation amount to a charitable donation.

About OrphanAid Africa

OrphanAid Africa’s aim is to support orphans and vulnerable children in Ghana through programs in Care Reform, family support, education, and development. The organization’s goal is to ensure that children grow up in safe and permanent family settings with appropriate care and protection. Orphan Aid Africa is an implementing partner in the Government of Ghana National Plan of Action for Orphans and Vulnerable Children. Learn More about the association!

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